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These Microsoft Edge tutorial articles are designed to get you started quickly and easily. Working with Microsoft Edge is remarkably easy once you understand a few basic techniques. In these articles I’ll be giving an introduction on many different popular topics as well as more in-depth insights on working with important Microsoft Edge features, pretty much in the same fashion as with my other computer tips and tricks articles. 

You’ll find step-by-step instructions on organizing your work with Microsoft Edge with screenshots included, I’ll also talk about the new features and I’ll reveal a few great tips and tricks that most people don’t know.

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The Microsoft Edge Tutorial Articles

Below you’ll find a list of links to my Microsoft Edge tutorial articles, each with a brief introduction about the topics and features covered. I’ll keep adding more articles over time, so please feel free to sign up for my free newsletter to get notified when new tutorials are published. Click the links in the list below to go to the individual articles. They all contain a link back here at the end of each Microsoft Edge tutorial so you can easily look up the other tutorials as well.

How To Use Microsoft Edge

This article is a good start if you want to learn your way around in Microsoft Edge.

Creating a Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut

In Windows 10, there’s no Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut by default. In this article I’ll show you how to easily create a desktop shortcut to open with the start page, but also how to create a shortcut that will open with the specific page that you’re viewing at that instant.

Microsoft Edge home page

In this Microsoft Edge tutorial you’ll find out how easy it is to set a specific start page. Many people prefer to start with Google search as their start page, so they can type their search queries right away.

Searching with Google in Microsoft Edge

By default, Microsoft Edge search actions are performed with Bing. Read here how to set Google as default search provider in Microsoft Edge.

Pin Microsoft Edge to your taskbar

Prefer to have a Microsoft Edge shortcut on your taskbar? This article will show you exactly how it’s done.

Working with favorites

Microsoft Edge favorites are super easy to use and they can save you enormous amounts of time when trying to find certain web pages back later on. Read more and find out how to get organized with favorites.

Getting the most out of Microsoft Edge history

Found some great website a couple of days ago and you can't figure out how to find it back? Microsoft Edge remembers the sites you've visited so you can find them back!

Microsoft Edge tutorial - Edge history

Leaving No Traces In Microsoft Edge History: Microsoft Edge Incognito Mode

In this Microsoft Edge tutorial: Microsoft Edge incognito or InPrivate mode allows you to surf the internet without leaving cookies, form data and browsing history on your computer. And it may even save you money!

Microsoft Edge tutorial - Edge incognito

Set Microsoft Edge to remember your passwords

Flipping the switch to “on” in this option makes Microsoft Edge remember your passwords so you don’t have to. Is this safe or are there better options?

View your saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

Not entirely sure anymore what the password behind the bullets was again? With these steps you can reveal your stored passwords in Microsoft Edge.

Clear browsing history, stored passwords and cached data In Microsoft Edge

Clearing your Microsoft Edge cache can remedy many problems if you find that Edge won’t function properly. Not only that, it can also keep you out of trouble with all kinds of privacy concerns and security issues. After reading this tutorial you’ll know all about clearing the cache and why it is important.

Importing Your Internet Explorer Favorites To Microsoft Edge

Updated your computer to Windows 10 and missing your Internet Explorer favorites? With this Microsoft Edge tutorial you’ll learn how to easily import your favorites in Edge and how you can use Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge concurrently on your computer.

Microsoft Edge Dark Mode

Not to be confused with the "dark web" or Windows 10 night light, Microsoft Edge dark mode can be a start to improve comfort when working in low ambient light environments.

Microsoft Edge On Windows 10

If you’re working with Windows 10, you’ll probably have noticed that Internet Explorer is somewhat harder to find on your computer than it used to be and that Internet links now open by default with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new browser, which was released with the arrival of Windows 10 and is designed to be clean, tight and more responsive than its predecessor Internet Explorer.

For that reason, Microsoft Edge comes with less of the power-features that Internet Explorer users have long been accustomed to. Edge was originally introduced without support for extensions or plug-ins, nor the possibility to synchronize your Microsoft Edge favorites or browsing history with your mobile device. Microsoft had planned these extra features for later.

Does this make Microsoft Edge an inferior browser? Not necessarily. (Please take note: The following thoughts and ideas are only my personal opinions and should not be taken as gospel.)

Yes, you’ll find people who don’t like Edge and who are annoyed by the fact that it only supports Windows platforms and thus won’t run on their other devices. And yes, you’ll also find people who complain about other weaknesses in Microsoft Edge. In fact, with any new technology, you’ll always see that people go through an adaptation phase before it gets accepted. When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, people were complaining all around about all sorts of annoyances that they didn’t have with their good old trusted previous version of Windows but in fact, at the time when THAT previous version of Windows was released, there were just as many complaints.

That, and the fact that Microsoft continually works to improve their Edge browser to reduce user-concerns and optimize usability and performance make it very likely that Microsoft Edge will eventually become a widely-accepted browser, catering for the browsing needs of the modern internet user.

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