Create Your Own Windows 10 Show Desktop Button

I received a helpful contribution to create a custom Windows 10 show desktop button today. The tip was sent in by David from the UK (thanks again for sharing, David) and must have been inspired by the way Microsoft has addressed the “show desktop” command in Windows. Windows 10 does come with its own show desktop button, but it’s really tiny (some people even report that it’s missing) which makes it a bit impractical to use. David’s tip can help with that.

The “standard” Windows 10 show desktop button sits at the bottom-right corner of your screen, to the right of the tiny vertical line shown here:

The show desktop "button" in Windows 10

It allows you to quickly show your desktop, no matter how many windows you have open. One click with your mouse on the show desktop button will immediately minimize all open windows and reveal your desktop. The problem: many people find the Windows 10 show desktop button too small.

How To Create A Larger Windows 10 Show Desktop Button

Here’s how David’s tip explains it:

Down at the VERY bottom right hand corner of the windows 10 screen, lies a barely noticeable (and awkward to get at) icon, which allows users to set aside whatever is open on the desktop, so as to enable them to  see the basic desktop.

Many feel that the tiny feature could be improved, so here goes.

In File Explorer, navigate to:
C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch 

(you may have to set the option to display hidden items and you may need to confirm to have administrative rights in order to get there)

Navigate to this location

This opens a window with at least two items in it.

Show Desktop and Switch Between Windows.

Right click on Show Desktop and Send To the desktop.

Create a shortcut on your desktop

Now let's add it to the taskbar …

Drag / Copy this shortcut onto the C: drive (You can put it in a folder there if you like).

Drag or copy the icon to a folder

Then press the SHIFT key while right clicking the shortcut, click the COPY AS PATH option and copy the location onto the clipboard.

Select copy as path (use SHIFT key!)

Come back to the Desktop and create a shortcut (Right click>New>Shortcut) ...

Prepare a new show desktop button ...

... and in the box type EXPLORER followed by a space (important !!) and then paste the copied path from the clipboard. Then click next.

Enter explorer + space + copied path of the show desktop button

Enter a name as desired and click finish.

Enter a name for the show desktop button

Drag this icon onto the taskbar.

Drag the show desktop button to the taskbar

Open something on the desktop and click the new addition. The desktop will clear. Click again and the hidden item will reappear ...

Try the new show desktop button

You can delete the first desktop icon if you wish.



Is your Windows 10 show desktop button missing or do you think it’s too small? The above tip will create a “normal size” Windows 10 show desktop button on your taskbar that will conveniently take you to your desktop with a single click. Thanks again David, for sending in the tip, much appreciated!

I have written before about the Windows 10 show desktop button and in conclusion also want to mention this little tip: to get to your desktop quickly and easily, you can also always press the Windows key + d (from desktop) on your keyboard :-)

Press the Windows key + d to go to the desktop

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