Weather on Your Taskbar in Windows 10

So now you have the weather on your taskbar in Windows 10 all of a sudden? What’s up with that? Microsoft is constantly tweaking and fumbling around with small changes in Windows 10 (sometimes not so small) and it’s not always with YOUR best interest in mind. If they can convey the feeling that the new features are helpful to you then they have done a great job, but you can rest assured that their own interest is involved as well.

The weather on your taskbar in Windows 10 is also another way to nudge you towards more content that is “Suggested for you” where you will of course encounter several different opportunities to play a role in Microsoft’s marketing strategies (besides showing you the weather).

The weather on your taskbar in Windows 10

In addition to the weather, you will also find “News and interests” on the taskbar widget, which you can customize to your own preferences.

If you hover over the weather widget with your mouse, you'll see "Top stories", items "suggested for you", a "Manage interests" link and possibly more news items in the widget. You can customize this to your own preferences (or disable the widget altogether).

News and interest on taskbar in Windows 10

But for now, if you prefer to remove the weather from your Windows 10 taskbar, or if you want to decide for yourself when or if you are ready to have the weather on your taskbar, read on.

In what follows I will explain how to turn off the weather on your taskbar in Windows 10, but I will also show you how to enable weather on the taskbar so you can decide for yourself.

Sometimes these “nudges” seem just a tiny bit too intrusive, don’t they? Besides, yet another widget on the taskbar simply adds too much distraction for some people’s taste, so better to know how to turn off this feature if you don’t want it.

How to Turn off Weather on Your Taskbar in Windows 10

In order to remove weather from your taskbar in Windows 10, simply right click on an empty space on your taskbar, select “News and interests” and click “Turn off”.

Weather on your taskbar in Windows 10 - Turn off to disable

Wow. That was easy, wasn’t it?

As mentioned above, the widget is actually called “News and interest” on the Windows 10 taskbar, but it will appear as a weather widget first until you hover over it with your mouse.

Now that you know how to hide the weather on your taskbar in Windows 10, you also know where to look in case you want to enable it back again (or in case you want to help someone who is struggling because news and interest is not showing on the taskbar in Windows 10 and they want to enable it).

As you can see in the image above, you can choose to completely turn off weather on your taskbar in Windows 10, show the icon and text or show the icon only.

As mentioned before, you can also customize the news and interests widget on the taskbar so you get to decide which content you want to see and which not. I’ll cover that in a separate article.

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