Edge Chromium Menu Bar Missing?

Do you miss your Edge Chromium menu bar? Technological advancements and all are not necessarily a bad thing, but … we shouldn't underestimate how some of us are creatures of habit. And when it comes to being used to working with a menu bar it would be nice to be able to have one in Chromium Edge, wouldn’t it?

Well, the good news is: you can have one.

Just in case you are not sure what I am talking about: Microsoft has now officially introduced Chromium Edge as their new browser and this is what the top of the Chromium Edge browser looks like:

Edge Chromium menu bar is missing

And this is what it looks like with a menu bar:

Edge Chromium menu bar enabled

Now let’s see how you can get from a to b as easily as possible.

Edge Chromium Menu Bar Disappeared? Get it Back!

Since Chromium Edge is based on Google Chromium (see my previous article on Chromium Edge) it does kind of make sense that this new browser comes with the Edge Chromium menu bar missing. Google Chrome also doesn’t have a menu bar, after all.

The way to activate or enable your Edge Chromium menu bar is via extensions. Pretty much like you can get browser extensions to add functionality to the Google Chrome browser, you can do the same thing with Chromium Edge extensions.

The Chromium Edge extension we’re going to use to add a menu bar is the extension called proper menubar.

How can I get my Microsoft Edge menu bar back?

  1. Press ALT + f on your keyboard and select “Extensions” from the Microsoft Edge settings menu
  2. Click “Get extensions for Microsoft Edge”
  3. Type “proper menu bar” in the search box
  4. Click the “Get” button
  5. Click “Add extension”

Let’s go over these steps in a bit more detail.

To get started, click the three dots near the right corner of your Chromium Edge browser (or press ALT + f on your keyboard) and select extensions.

Edge Chromium extensions

In the next screen, click the button that says “Get extensions for Microsoft Edge”.

Edge Chromium extensions

Now you’ll land in the overview screen of Chromium Edge extensions. Type “proper menubar” in the search box (without the quotes) and press ENTER.

Search for the proper menubar extension

In the search results, you’ll see the “Proper menu bar for Microsoft Edge” extension listed. Click the “get” button to proceed.

Get the Edge Chromium menu bar extension

Chromium Edge will now ask whether you’d like to add “Proper menubar for Microsoft Edge” to Microsoft Edge. Click the “Add extension” button to continue.

Add the Edge Chromium menu bar extension

A few moments later you’ll see a thank you screen thanking you for installing the proper menubar extension which means that you’ve successfully installed the Edge Chromium menu bar.

Successfully installed the Chromium Edge menu bar extension

And indeed, you’ll notice that Chromium Edge now has a menu bar with “File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Windows and Help” items.

The Edge Chromium menu bar

To conclude: Is your Edge Chromium menu bar missing? Install the “proper menubar” extension and you’ll have a menu bar back before you know it.

Extensions are a great way to customize Microsoft Edge to your preferences, including adding Edge’s top menu bar back to your browser. You might be wondering though why you would need to install extensions to get back something that used to be there in the first place.

Why Has The Microsoft Edge Menu Bar Disappeared?

The menu bar in Microsoft Edge takes away a little bit of the screen real estate for the actual content when you’re using the web while adding little extra value to the user experience. Most of the menu bar actions can be accessed much faster by using keyboard shortcuts and the Edge window looks cleaner without extra menu bars.

Let’s go over some of the Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts equivalents to the menu bar items.

Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • New tab: CTRL + t
  • New window: CTRL + n
  • New incognito window: CTRL + SHIFT + n
  • Close window: ALT + F4
  • Close tab: CTRL + w
  • Save page as: CTRL + s
  • Print: CTRL + p
  • Exit: ALT + F4
Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • Cut: CTRL + x
  • Copy: CTRL + c
  • Paste: CTRL + v
  • Settings: ALT + f
  • Select all: CTRL + a
Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • Stop: ESC
  • Reload this page: F5
  • Enter full screen: F11
  • Actual size: CTRL + 0
  • Zoom in: CTRL + +
  • Zoom out: CTRL + -
  • View source: CTRL + u
Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • Home: ALT + HOME
  • Back: ALT + left arrow
  • Forward: ALT + right arrow
  • Show full history: CTRL + h
Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • Bookmark manager: CTRL + SHIFT + o
  • Bookmark this page: CTRL + d
  • Bookmark all tabs: CTRL + SHIFT + d
Microsoft Edge menu bar

  • Select next tab: CTRL + TAB
  • Select previous tab: CTRL + SHIFT + TAB
  • Duplicate tab: CTRL + SHIFT + k
  • Mute tab: CTRL + m
  • Downloads: CTRL + j

Does Microsoft Edge Have a Menu Bar?

Microsoft Edge no longer has a menu bar that you can enable or disable. Edge has a cleaner, less cluttered look to it with fewer components in the top part of the window so you get less distraction and can be more focused on the main content.

Why Are my Microsoft Edge Navigation Buttons Missing?

You can press F11 on your keyboard to or move your mouse to the top of your screen to toggle full screen mode in Microsoft Edge. Full screen mode hides the navigation buttons in Edge and also the address bar and tabs in order to increase the content viewing area.

Why is There no Home Button in Microsoft Edge?

The home button in Microsoft Edge can be toggled on or off. Press ALT + f on your keyboard and select “Settings”. Then click “Appearance” and scroll down to “Select which buttons to show on the toolbar”. Now you can set the toggle slider according to your preference.

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