Chrome Remote Desktop Icon Missing

Is your Google Chrome remote desktop icon missing? You can easily create a desktop icon for your remote desktop connection(s) so you don’t have to remember the url to get connected. There is one thing you have to be mindful about though: if Google Chrome is not set as your default browser, you might get a warning message if you don’t create the desktop shortcut to open with Chrome.

Luckily Google Chrome offers a very convenient way to create a remote desktop icon on your desktop, without messing with your default browser settings. Let’s see how that works.

Is Your Google Chrome Remote Desktop Icon Missing? Here’s How to Get it Back

As explained in my Google Chrome remote desktop article, it’s best to use Chrome if you want to work remotely with Google Chrome remote desktop. You can try to work with another browser, but chances are that you will be greeted with a warning like this:

“Chrome Remote Desktop needs the latest web features for the best experience”

Chrome Remote Desktop

That’s why it’s probably best to use Chrome when working with Chrome remote desktop connections. With that said, start your Chrome browser and point it to the following url:

That’s where you need to go and sign in to access your remote computer(s). Now, with the correct url in your Chrome browser address bar, you can click the three dots near the top right corner of your browser and select “More tools” and then “Create shortcut”.

To fix the Chrome remote desktop icon missing situation

This will result in a Google Chrome remote desktop icon (or rather shortcut) being created on your desktop, which you can use from now on to go directly to the Google’s remote desktop connections in your account.

Chrome remote desktop icon missing - fixed

That's basically it, that's how easy it is to create your Chrome remote desktop icon or shortcut on your desktop.

Again, if you’re not sure how to set up an actual Google Chrome remote desktop connection, please feel free to refer to my article on the subject.

Short note on the side: I have another page on my site where I talk about creating a desktop icon for the Google Chrome browser, rather than for Google's remote desktop service. It's when I noticed that people who were searching for search phrases like "Chrome remote desktop icon missing" were finding my article on creating shortcuts for Google Chrome's browser that I realized I'd better write another article, focused on creating a desktop icon for remote desktop connections.

With that I hope that people who are searching for "chrome remote desktop icon missing" are now able to find this article and can solve the problem.

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